Citywire – Top 30 Latam Advisors

Citywire, la revista especializada para profesionales de inversión, con oficinas en Londres, New York, Munich, Milán y Singapur, nos incorporó como unos de los Top 30 LatAm Advisors, agradecemos el reconocimiento de Citywire.

Citywire – Top 30 Latam Advisors

Cream of the crop
The Latin American advisory industry can be a tough nut to crack for any international asset manager. Not only can there be the issue of the language barrier (although, in my experience, many Latin American advisors speak better English than some of my friends back home), but there is then the small matter of knowing where to even begin your search in the vastness that is Latin America.

But with a population in excess of 650 million and the region set to experience one of the biggest surges in ultra-high and high net worth investors in the world over the next few years, Latin America is certainly a region you don’t want to ignore if you are an asset manager or investment product provider.

In order to help you in your search, our team here at Citywire Americas has put together a list of some of the most renowned advisory firms in Latin America, which also includes a dozen of the smaller, up-and-coming boutiques to look out for.

While this magazine may be titled Top 30 LatAm advisors, this list is not to be taken as a ranking but rather as a guide to help you discover some of the key players in this industry, all of whom are avid international mutual fund consumers and keen to expand their clients’ portfolios with new and innovative products.